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American Radio Relay League

We're proud to announce ARRL granted us Club Affiliation status as of July 31, 2009!

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Welcome to All Arizona Radiosport Enthusiasts;

(A Radiosport Association of Big Guns, Little Pistols and Cap Guns)

We have been an ARRL-Affiliated Club since 31 July 2009.

We are legally designated as a 501 (C) (7) Tax Exempt Social & Recreational Club.

FOUNDERS and 2011-12 Board of Directors: Veteran contesters AB7E, K7WP, K8IA, KC7V and N7RQ.

PURPOSE: To provide a full-featured, focused contest club throughout the state of Arizona for contesters of any level; to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members; to promote radio knowledge, camaraderie, and individual operating efficiency; and to conduct club programs and activities with a focus on contesting. Contesting of all disciplines will be supported including DX, Domestic, VHF/UHF, etc.

MEMBERSHIP:  AOCC maintains open membership to all those wanting to contest and will provide opportunities for involvement, training, and recruitment of young hams as well as activities of interest to experienced contesters. No one will be turned away from AOCC, and new and would-be contesters are encouraged to join.

2013-2014 OFFICERS
President –Mike Fulcher KC7V
VP North Region – Bud Semon N7CW
VP Central Region – Andy Waryczka NY7N
VP South Region - Bill Straw KO7AA
-- Larry Reader KE2VB

Webmistress – Sandy Farley N7RQ

PR/Awards - John Arthurs K7WP

DUES: Dues are $5 a year, as designated in the AOCC Charter.


  1. Regular meetings, rotated throughout the state.
  2. Informative programs and guest speakers, with a focus on contesting.
  3. Members-only email reflector:  a forum to exchange contest knowledge and announcements about on-the-air events.
  4. A full-featured, regularly updated club website.
  5. Club call sign (N7AT) available for any member or group of members on a pre-arranged basis with the Trustee (K8IA).
  6. Encouragement and support to organize multi-op efforts for current and prospective members without other access to a good station, or those want to learn from more seasoned members.
  7. ARRL  affiliation, CQ Contest Club Listing, and worldwide recognition as the fastest-growing US contest club open to all.
  8. AOCC Club Contest Ladder featuring  aggregate scores with a sortable ranking feature.
  9. AOCC Facebook presence.
  10. Annual Members-only Regional Competition.

HOW TO JOIN: Click on the "Join the Gang" link on the left side of this page.


Questions? Email the AOCC President: Email Outlaw Bob

 73, Board of Directors, Arizona Outlaws Contest Club,

John Arthurs K7WP
Bob Epstein K8IA
Sandy Farley N7RQ
Mike Fulcher KC7V
Dave Gilbert AB7E

© 2009 - 2011 Arizona Outlaws Contest Club