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Latest updates to website were made on 06/10/17

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Outlaw Bob

Outlaw Mike KC7V Sez!

January 2017

Howdy Outlaws!

IMPORTANT NEWS – At the AOCC Roundup in Tucson, the membership voted to raise dues to $10 per year effective January 1, 2017.  We held to $5 for seven years.  This action will give the club a little more room for the roundup costs and other miscellaneous expenses.  We hope you understand.  We want to stay at this rate for a long time.

Contest season is upon us!  The CQWW SSB contest the last full weekend of October was a real struggle due to conditions and makes us wonder what conditions will be like as we head for a solar minimum.  It sure felt like we already arrived, overnight. But, it is CQWW so we had some fun anyway.  A new MultiOp station emerged with AOCC member Rick Spiegel W0RIC opening his station for a Multi-Single HP effort and quite a few Outlaws took advantage of Rick’s offer.  Operating with Rick were Outlaws Mike W6RW, Kelly N0VD, Paul W8AEF and Richard W7MDQ. His team put up a very good score for their first effort, over 1.6 Million. We hope to see many more from his fine station.

Sweepstakes CW just finished and conditions were a little better, but it was a stateside contest.  N2CW and N5FO set a new record for Multi-op Low Power.  AOCC was well represented with lots of activity.  Well done, Outlaws!

The CQWW CW contest was the weekend of November 26/27.  Conditions were much like the SSB weekend but scores were generally higher.

AOCC members AA7A, KY7M and N7CW (along with N4QS and G4IRN) operated Suriname (PZ5V) from the QTH of Ramon PZ5RA for the CQWW CW contest.  This was a Multi-Two effort.

Outlaws Gary N7IR, Gene KB7Q, and Fred NA2U were part of the PJ2T contingent in Multi-Multi category, also CQWW CW.

Kudos to Outlaw Bob K8IA and Outlaw Kevin W9CF, for their support of call history files for contesters.  The AOCC website has become the place to go for many contesters across the country to use this valuable resource.  Don’t forget Outlaw webmom Sandy N7RQ.  The AOCC website is one of the best -- if not the best -- contest club website in existence. Outstanding work by both.

New ARRL Rules for Contest Club Participation

We must submit a list to ARRL before each ARRL contest.  This list will only include those that reside in AZ and will operate the contest from AZ.

If you are a winter visitor and have a residence in AZ during the contest season, please let us know your 6-digit grid square at least 5 days before the contest so we can submit it to ARRL. 

2016 AOCC Roundup

The 2016 AOCC Roundup was held Saturday, August 31, 2016, at the Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment in Tucson, and was well-attended.  We were honored with two great presentations.  Lee KY7M enlightened us with tales of N5IA’s (SK) remote low band station not far from Safford, AZ, and Fred NA2U had great stories of his contest operations from Max’s place, KH6ZM, on the big island of Hawaii.  Thanks to both for the great job done.  Next year the event will be held in the Phoenix area, probably the last Saturday in August.

2016-17 AOCC Officers
President – Mike Fulcher KC7V
North Area VP – Ray Benny N6VR
Central Area VP - Andy Warycka  NY7N
South Area VP - Owen Watson AK7AR
Sec’y/Treas - Larry Reader  KE2VB

MAJOR AOCC Contest Happenings since our last website update
Several major contests occurred since my last Outlaw Mike Says;

2016 CQWW RTTY – AOCC had 27 entries and over 6.5M claimed points.
Some individual honors (all below claimed scores as of 9/30/16)
N7AT (K8IA op) – 1, 800,929 in SOAB(A)HP (#4 North America)
KY7M – 1,333,212 in SOAB(A)HP (#10 NA)
W7ZR – 340,171 in SO20(A)HP (#2 NA)
KG7GYI – 141,225 in SOAB(A) LP Rookie (first RTTY Contest)
W1ZD – 59,994 in SO15LP (#2 NA)
K0MP – 52,104 in SO40(A) HP (#4 NA)
KF6HI – 30,941 in SO15HP (#5 NA)
K7MY  - 12,027 in SO15LP (#4 NA)
N6SS – 4,847 in SO10(A)HP (#1 NA)
N6HI – 4,644 in SOABQRP (#9 NA)
Super additional 6-digit scores from K6LL, N7IR, WO7R, N9NA, AE7VA and WA7LNW.
Check it all out:

2016 CQWW DX SSB  - AOCC finished this half of CQWW with 35 entries and over 12.5M claimed points.
Some individual honors (all below claimed scores as of 11/5/16)
N2IC – 2,359,250 in SOABHP (#3 USA)
N7AT (K8IA KC7V NY7N) – 2,138,001 in M2HP (#4 USA)
W0RIC (+W6RW N0VD W8AEF W7MDQ W4IX) – 1,620,952 in MSHP (#7 USA)
K7WP – 1,077,912 in SOAB(A)HP
W7ZR – 1,031,283 in SOAB(A)HP
K5RR – 649,422 in SOAB HP
NA2U (@ K2TTT) 564,713 club share, in MMHP (#9 USA)
N7IR – 395,648 in SOABLP (#10 USA)
KG7GYI – 244,012 in Rookie SOLP (#1 USA Rookie)
N7DD – 185,490 in SO20(A) HP (#3 USA)
N5FO – 168,952 in SO40(A)HP (#2 USA)
N6SS – 69.300 in SO10(A)HP (#1 USA)
Other six-digit performances by KF6HI, K9DR, N9NA, K7JQ, AA7V and N7VD
Check it all out here – all Arizona Outlaw scores and more kudos;

2016 ARRL SS CW and SSB – AOCC had combined mode entries of 45 and over 3.1M points.
Some individual honors (all below claimed scores as of 11/22/16) for SS CW:

N2IC (+N5FO) – 222,772 in MOLP (#1 USA/VE) (new Record)
K6LL – 205,342 in SOUHP (#3 USA/VE)
KY7M (+NA2U) – 200,030 in MOHP (#4 USA/VE)
KO7SS – 187,082 in SOUHP (#5 USA/VE)
WP3Q (KB7Q) – 151,352 in SOULP (#4)
W9CF (@K8IA) – 150,064 in SOLP
AA7V – 144,100 in SOHP
W8TK (+K7AZT NG7A) – 133,332 in MOLP (#7 USA/VE)
N7IR – 98,982 in SOQRP (#3 USA/VE)
Check out all the Arizona Outlaw scores here:

Some individual honors (all below claimed scores as of 11/25/16) for SS SSB:
WA7NB – 189,074 in SOHP
W8TK (KE2VB, NG7A) – 161,352 in MOLP
W6RW – 154,546 in SOUHP
KO7SS – 140,556 in SOUHP
KK7AC – 103,750 in SOUHP
Check out all the Arizona Outlaw scores here:

PZ5V 2016

Salute to Dipolio from PZ5V team.  L to R: Outlaws Lee KY7M, Ned AA7A, and Bud N7CW, David N4QS (standing) and John G4IRN. (tnx Ned for photo)

2016 CQWW DX CW – AOCC finished this final half of the CQWW Club Competition at 45 entries and 43,149,005 points. Some individual honors (all below claimed scores as of 12/2/16) for CQWWCW:
PZ5V (AA7A KY7M N7CW and two others) M/2 - 19,476,758 – AOCC share 11,686,055 (#5 World, #2 SA)
PJ2T (N7IR KB7Q NA2U and five others) M/M - 29,866,305 – AOCC share 11,199,864 (#2 World, #2 SA)
N7AT (K1YR K2SS K8IA KC7V W9CF) – 4,080,540 in M/2 (#8 USA)
K6LL (+W6RW) – 3,218,325 in M/2
W8TK (KE2VB NG7A NG7Z) – 2,283,344 in M/S
N5FO – 1,938,344 in SOAB HP
K7WP – 1,163,019 in SOAB(A) HP
WA7NB – 1,015,932 in SOLP (#8 USA)
N7DD – 379,344 in SO20(A) HP (#2 USA)
W7RH – 6,321 in SO160(A)LP (#1 USA)
N6SS – 25,392 in SO10(A)HP (#2 USA)
Other six-digit performances by K9DR, K7JQ, W7SW, AA7V, W9FI,
K7HP, W7WW, KF6HI, N9NA, W7PP, NQ7R and K0MP.
All Outlaw claimed scores here:

FINAL 2016 CQWW (SSB+CW) Claimed score for AOCC:
We had 79 entries and 55,697,351 points!


From the team comprising PJ2T :Outlaw Gary N7IR; Marty K2PLF; Rick (N0YY); Mike NT6X; Geoff W0CG/PJ2DX; Outlaw Gene KB7Q; Dorothy (W0CG YL); Outlaw Fred NA2U; Outlaw Jim W8WTS; Dee (N0YY XYL and chef); Mike (RW0CN): and  Natasha (RW0CN XYL)       (Tnx to Fred for photo)

Some FINAL results happened in this time period as well:
CQWPX CW and Final CQWPX Club Competition – AOCC finished 8th with 44 entries and 30,993,789 points. See here:

AOCC Success in Contests
As we have come to expect, AOCC scores in contests continue to be impressive.  Contest participation by club members has been outstanding.  We place high in the score box vs. other clubs in our category and region.  Please continue to report your scores to 3830 no matter how small you think it may be.  We want all the points!   The latest URL for 3830 posting is:  Submittal choices are usually on the top left.  Outlaw Bob and others (K6LL, NY7N, KE2VB, N7IR, KS5A, N1JM) report score success, both individually and team wise, on the AOCC reflector.  Thank you for this support.

Contest News
If you do not subscribe to the ARRL Contest Update you should.  Brian Moran N9ADG,  authors the publication and it is free.  It is chock full of interesting tidbits.  You can go here to subscribe:

Website Contributions
We encourage you to send pictures of you and your station, tower or antenna.  We also invite stories of a contest experience you have had that we can post on the AOCC webpage.  The club members want to know you!  We welcome stories and short articles too.

WRTC 2018
AOCC sponsored the NA#6 tent for WRTC 2018 to be held in Germany.  Thanks again to those that contributed to make this happen.

Important: Contest Dates through the end of March 2017 - AOCC Ladder Events
Jan 7-8 - ARRL RTTY Roundup (500 pts)
Jan 14 - NAQP CW (600 pts)
Jan 21 - NAQP SSB (600 pts)
Jan 21-23 - ARRL January VHF (300 pts)
Jan 27-29 - CQWW 160 CW (800 pts)
Feb 5 - NA Sprint CW
Feb 11-12 - CQWPX RTTY
Feb 18-19 - ARRL DX CW
Feb 24-26 - CQWW 160 SSB
Feb 25-26 - NAQP RTTY
Mar 4-5 - ARRL DX SSB
Mar 25-26 - CQWPX SSB

A bunch of new Arizona Outlaws have joined since June 2016.
A wild western welcome to:
Eric KE7GRO, Mesa, AZ
David N7AKC, Tucson, AZ
Robert AC2FA, Getzville, NY
Kelly N0VD, Morristown, AZ
Jay N1RWY, San Tan Valley, AZ
Gail N7BXX, Tucson, AZ
Don K7NN, Tucson, AZ
Michael K7DD, Peoria, AZ
Rob AK7RM, Mesa, AZ
Jane KI7FPL, Golden Valley, AZ
Richard W7MDQ, Sun City, AZ
Robert N7VD, Mesa, AZ
Gil N2GG, Belen, NM
Bruce N7TY, Yuma, AZ
Paul K7AZT, Tucson, AZ
Gregory K2TS, Eagar, AZ
Gene K5GS, Tucson, AZ
Mike WB7FDQ, Prescott Valley, AZ
Tom WA8WZG, Black Canyon City, AZ

73, Outlaw Mike KC7V
“There’s a ruckus brewing out there!”



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HOA? Small station?  No sweat!Contest Tips for Little Pistols & Cap Guns by Outlaw John K7WP

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Ride with yer amigos!Simple Multi-op Contesting by Outlaw Bob K8IA

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